Explaining How Doggie Daycare Works

Do you feel guilty about making your dog stay at home all alone five days a week? Need a place for your puppers to stay busy and have fun while you’re on the clock? Can they come play with us at Golden Paws? Our doggie daycare service could be just what your furry family member needs! Daycare is even available to our overnight dog care guests from Princeton, NJ. Want to learn more about what we do during doggie daycare to ensure that your pups return home happy and ready to rest? Let’s take a look!

Group Play Evaluation to Assess Behavior

Before our newcomers are allowed to enter a supervised playgroup, you will complete our Pooch Personality Profile that lets us know more about your pet before we officially meet them! On your scheduled evaluation visit, we begin by gradually introducing your pup to some of our regulars here at Golden Paws in a small setting.  If our team feels that your dog will be better off with low-energy dogs, we’ll test them out with a few of our low-energy regulars to see how they do. Once we determine your dog’s energy level, we’ll place them with the group that fits best. Then it’s time to play!

Supervised Playgroups Assorted by Energy Level

After your pup’s evaluation is complete, they get to play in supervised play groups with other dogs who have the same energy level. Many of our competitors organize their doggie daycare playgroups by size or body weight, but we’ve seen big dogs that prefer to relax most of the day and little dogs that play all day — and vice versa. That’s why we organize our groups by energy level. 

We have a “micro” playgroup for the tiny doggos and older dogs that don’t like to get rowdy, a high-energy group for the most playful puppers, and several moderate-energy groups for the in-betweeners. If your dog prefers the company of humans over other dogs, we also offer private play sessions with our staff members in our day lodging program!

Lots of Breaks

We keep track of your dog throughout the day to ensure they are happy, healthy, and hydrated. Our daycare staff gives breaks to each dog as needed. You have the option to bring breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner for your dog while they are with us for the day.

Looking for doggie daycare or boarding places for dogs near Jackson, NJ? Come to Golden Paws Pet Resort — we want to pet your dog!

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