Get Your Dog’s Behavior on Track With Our Dog Training Programs

In addition to offering the most luxurious dog boarding services in the Middlesex County, NJ and Mercer County, NJ areas, Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa also provides private obedience training. For dog owners in Mercer County, including the Hamilton, NJ area, dog training at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa is the best way to put a stop to your dog’s unwanted behaviors. Before going into the details of the program, let’s take a moment to introduce someone whom you and your dog will meet at any of our training programs. 

Meet Brittani, Our Trainer

Brittani is a certified professional dog trainer with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CDPT-KA) designation. She’s also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, certified by the American Kennel Club, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. 

See our trainers at work in this short video:

Train & Stay Program Details

Here at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa, we’ve heard the old expression that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but we know that’s false. Our 15 days of one-on-one training can teach dogs of any age how to behave. It’s like a boarding school for your dog; your dog will experience all the comforts and luxuries of our dog boarding, plus training sessions. These sessions can be private, or can take place in environments that will help them get accustomed to distractions. 

This is especially useful if your dog has issues with socialization. Our emphasis on socialization exposure helps dogs adjust to social settings where they feel threatened or uncomfortable and  instinctively respond with problematic behavior. By curbing these behaviors, dogs can get along with everyone and always stay on their best behavior, no matter the environment. 

If your dog needs help in this specific area of behavior, consider our Socialization program, which takes five days and is separate from the Train & Stay program. We also offer:

  • Puppy Obedience Training: Making sure the relationship between you and your new dog starts off on the right foot (or paw, as the case may be).  
  • Lodge & Learn: As an add-on to dog boarding, we’ll give your dog some lessons in socialization, teach them new tricks, or provide some similar form of activity to keep your dog mentally stimulated. 
  • Private Training: A professional trainer won’t always be around, but you can become your dog’s trainer when we teach you what you need to know to handle your dog.

We’re also excited to announce that Puppy Kindergarten starts on September 10th. It runs on Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m. for six weeks, culminating in a graduation ceremony on Tuesday, October 15. Stop in for more information. 

For boarding, training, and more, request a reservation at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa today!

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