We’re Offering Free Evaluations for Daycare and Training!

We understand that owning a pet brings about a rewarding companionship and an unbreakable bond. As such, you want the best for your pup! But taking care of your animal comes with responsibilities — spending time feeding, walking, training, cleaning up, and socializing. To help you ease the burden of all of the obligations you have to your dog, Golden Paws Pet Resort and Spa is now offering free evaluations for daycare and training! Let’s take a look at how we can help you this summer:

Infographic on free doggie daycare amd training evaluation

Doggie Daycare Evaluation

Our evaluation process consists of placing a “new” dog in a small enclosed play yard with a high-level employee who knows exactly what to do if they react negatively. If all goes well, our staff will gradually let regulars from the daycare into the yard one by one. However, we aren’t cavalier with what dogs we let in — we’ll selectively choose dogs we think fit your pup’s observed energy levels.

Dog Training Evaluation

Just as we give our clients’ dogs personal attention when placing them in daycare, we do the same for training. We take an individualized approach to gather how your dog responds to various exercises. Depending on your training preferences and your pet’s sociability level, we can move forward with tailored services that let your dog get the most out of their time at Golden Paws.

Let Us Help You Put the “Independence” in Independence Day!

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease up in the Garden State and the consistently warm weather approaches, many are excited to get out and soak up the summer sun at their favorite Jersey Shore spots! In these trying times, a short-term vacation or weekend getaway sounds more appealing with each passing day. But when you’ve got your partner, friends, and kids to worry about in addition to practicing social distancing measures, making arrangements for your furry friend may be adding to your stress levels — and that’s where we come in!

Our luxury dog boarding services don’t just grant you the opportunity to spend time with the humans close to you; they ensure showing love to your pup, as well! Our activity pet packages and pet care team work to give you peace of mind when you take the temporary summer excursions you deserve.

For more information about our evaluations, programs, or boarding services, contact Golden Paws Pet Resort and Spa today!

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