How to Get Your Dog Ready for Lodging

Want to make sure your dog is fully prepared for their first time lodging? It’s natural to feel a bit nervous if your pup has never been to a pet hotel before. But you deserve a relaxing, worry-free vacation — and so do your furry family members!

Check out the infographic below for an overview of the three tips discussed further below on how to get your pet ready for lodging:

Get Them Acquainted With the Facility Beforehand

If your dog has never stayed at an overnight facility before, it could be helpful to bring them in for a group play evaluation or day stay before taking your trip. We go above and beyond to make sure your fur babies feel happy and loved while you’re away.  Your pet will likely have an easier time adjusting to a new environment if they are familiar with the facility and the staff who will be taking care of them. Most of our furry guests make themselves at home right away, but a shorter-term introduction could help shy pups!

Talk to the Staff About Your Pet’s Unique Needs

If you want to be sure that your pet’s unique needs are accounted for, you can discuss all the specifics with a member of our knowledgeable staff. We know that some pets have endearing traits and habits at home that our staff may need to be aware of — like dogs who prefer eating off the floor instead of a bowl or cats who prefer to eat when no one is watching them  — but don’t be shy! Tell us everything we need to know to give your pet a comfortable, relaxing experience, so you can rest assured knowing that your pet is cared for while you’re away.

Pack Their Favorite Toys and Treats

Your pet’s lodging accommodation will feel a bit more like home if you pack their favorite toys and treats! You can also pack any special blankets, bones, or other items that your dog loves to chew, snuggle, and play with on a daily basis. Just let us know which toys to leave in their room with them and how often they can get treats while they’re with us.

Whether you’re from Robbinsville, Hamilton, or Princeton, NJ, traditional dog boarding kennels can’t compare to Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa! Learn more about our family-owned dog lodging facility near Ocean County, NJ today!

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