At Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa, Overnight Cat Boarding Treats Your Cat Like Royalty

Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa is the most luxurious of all cat boarding kennels in the Mercer County, NJ region.  Also known as cat lodging, overnight cat boarding gives cats from Cranbury, NJ and other nearby areas the chance to enjoy the experience one of our lodging packages: the Playful Kitty Package or the Kitty Komfort Package.

Both packages include a classic, 3-room, multi-level cat condo, as well as all meals, soft bedding, housekeeping services, and a gourmet snack. Our condos offer plenty of room to frolic and play the feline way, in addition to places to hide when your cat needs a little privacy.

The Playful Kitty Package features a one-on-one playtime/pampering session, while the Kitty Komfort Package offers double the fun with two one-on-one playtime/pampering sessions.

If you have multiple cats lodging together, you may upgrade either of these packages to

two interconnected condos (or suites) for an additional fee.

Or, if your cat could use some extra-special treatment, you can customize your cat’s stay with a la carte services.

And for an extra-luxurious stay, deluxe packages are also available: The TLC Package adds even softer bedding than the Playful Kitty or Kitty Komfort Packages, and also includes unlimited oral or topical medication administration and a belly rub and tuck-in before bedtime.  

You can also choose to receive an email update and at least a photo of your cat enjoying his or her stay with cat lodging at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa.

Things to Do Before You Leave Your Cat with Us

To keep all our guests safe, we require documentation, (i.e. a veterinary certificate) that your cat has been vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP (Feline Distemper Combo). We also need alternate contact information in case you’re not available when we need to contact someone. You can bring your cat’s usual food and up to three toys. If your cat requires medication, bring that, too.

Once you have all these things ready, all that’s left to do is get started booking a reservation.

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