Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare - Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa

If you need to get away for the day, whether it be work or play, or if  your dog gets bored and/or lonely during your absence or maybe he’s just very destructive at home, then this is for YOU!

No more leaving your doggie in a crate or sad puppy dog eyes and lonely looks on your way out the door. You can be at ease knowing that your dogs needs are being taken care of while you are away.

Here at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa, we offer a supervised, safe, enjoyable and loving day of play for your furry friends of all  ages & sizes.

Daycare is a great way for your pet to get Physical Exercise, Build Confidence, get Mental Stimulation, and learn  socialization skills with other dogs in an unleashed setting.  Dogs will be provided with toys and games to keep them active.

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Dog Lodging

doggie daycare happy - Golden Paws Pet ResortHere at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa, our goal for your Furry Four- Legged Family Member is to be totally Stress Free and as comfortable  as possible while staying in our care.

Our focus is on Luxury, Comfort,  and Relaxation. We believe your pet deserves a 5 star treatment.  Whether you go away for a day, a week, or longer, rest assure that  your furry family member’s needs are our top priority.  

We will provide  a safe, clean, fun, loving and stress free time while you are enjoying yourself on your Vacation or where ever you are or go guilt free.  

All of our dog-guests will receive their own private room complete with all the comforts of home.

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Cat Lodging

cat lodging comfort - Golden Paws Pet Resort

Here at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa, we recognize the different needs of our feline guests. We have specifically designed individual accommodations to make your furry feline’s stay as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Rooms are located at a distance far enough away form our canine guests so not to frighten them. The rooms are equipped with State of the art air-exchange systems to ensure the healthiest environment for our guests.

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Pet Spa

Spa bubble bath - Golden Paws Pet Resort

Wether your furry friends are boarding with us, or just here for the day, playing, you can schedule an ultimate spa day for them to be Pampered.

Our Golden Paws Spa offers state of the art Equipment and high quality Products.  Our Fiberglass tubs are very unique and nothing like the old stainless steel tubs that most salons use. Dogs can enter and exit easily and safely with our  tubs that are hydraulic and lower down to the ground so there is no struggling to get in and out.

We offer Bathing or full Grooming Services with an emphasis on relaxation, comfort and safety. Our skilled bathing technicians  and highly Experienced Loving Groomers will pamper your pet with the royal treatment. Your pet will leave refreshed, relaxed, looking & smelling great.

Our goal is for every client to leave here with having had a pleasant experience.  A great groom will maintain or improve the condition of his/her coat and skin leaving them healthier and happier.

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Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa provides customized obedience training for your dog. Our trainer has extensive experience in dog training, as well as counseling clients about their dogs’ behavioral problems.

We are an Approved Evaluator for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® program (CGC). Please call for your dog’s personalized training options!

Our classes are taught using positive reinforcement methods.

At Golden Paws Pet Resort we feel a trained dog is a happy dog. We offer group training classes to help you address those behavioral issues and develop a great relationship with your dog.

Whether you want to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, stop jumping on visitors, or come to you when called, our training programs are designed to enhance your relationship with your dog. Struggling with an ill-mannered furry friend can definitely put a stress on the entire family. We can help at our Robbinsville, NJ Training location!

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