Pet Spa


Whether your furry friends are boarding with us, or just here for the day, playing, you can schedule an ultimate pet spa day for them to be Pampered.

Our Golden Paws Spa offers state of the art Equipment and high-quality Products.  Our Fiberglass tubs are very unique and nothing like the old stainless steel tubs that most salons use.

Dogs can enter and exit easily and safely with our  tubs that are hydraulic and lower down to the ground so there is no struggling to get in and out.

We offer Bathing or full Grooming Services with an emphasis on relaxation, comfort, and safety. Our skilled bathing technicians  and highly Experienced Loving Groomers will pamper your pet with the royal treatment. Your pet will leave refreshed, relaxed, looking & smelling great.

Our goal is for every client to leave here with having had a pleasant experience.  A great groom will maintain or improve the condition of his/her coat and skin leaving them healthier and happier.

Our Pet Spa offers:

  • Bathing

  • Luxurious brush & blow out or a full haircut

  • Nail trim

  • Teeth brushing

  • Ear cleaning

  • De-matting

Our Pet Spa Guidelines

We clean each area (tub & table) after each pet.

We sanitize the scissors, clippers, brushes, towels and anything used after each pet

We use all natural shampoos

We use safe, non-toxic cleaning products

We dry everyone after their bath with clean warm towels

We go at the pet’s pace

We do not force anything on the pets, we want this to be a positive experience for all

** We will schedule your pet’s services so that they return home looking even better than when you dropped them off