Pet Resort – Your Personal Tour Of Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa

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October 5, 2016
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Pet Resort – Your Personal Tour Of Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa

Pet Resort – Nothing Like A “See It For Yourself” Visit

pet resort walkthrough -

Watch the video on YouTube or click on the video below

We have an advisor who tells us, “The world is not getting smaller, but we’re getting closer”.  That’s true.  It’s also true that we are getting busier, more obligated and have more responsibilities than ever before.

With all these tasks, obligations, and responsibilities where do we find the time to do the things we need to do?  Unfortunately, there’s never enough time to do everything we want to do.

So we look for tools and applications that can help us do what we need to do quickly.  This way we can have more time to do important things (like spend time with our family, including the furry ones who bark and meow) and check out a potential pet resort.

Pet Resort and Social Media

One of the tools we use is Social Media.  The irony is that the amount of information that comes to us through social media can be overwhelming,  causing us to use up loads of time to manage it. Sometimes though it can be a blessing by saving us tons of time.

For example, you can check out reviews about facilities that care for your loved ones: child day care, schools, and of course pet care providers such as a vet, a dog walker, and a pet resort.

Pet Resort – Your Own Personal Walkthrough

In an effort to save you time (and of course promote our brand new, state of the art facility) we’ve put together a brief video (2:31 minutes):

If you prefer to read, here’s a transcript of the video:

To some people a dog is just a pet

To many people though, their pet is a full-fledged member of the family…and most families want their treasured family members to be treated with love, respect, and care

Welcome to Golden Paws Pet Resort and Spa where your furry family members get the care and attention they need to reduce separation anxiety, get balanced exercise, and enjoy social interaction.

When you visit Golden Paws Pet Resort and Spa you are greeted in our elegant Lobby and gift shop by one of our counselors.

Our kitty corner is in full view of the lobby what is strategically located so our feline friends do not come in contact with our Canine visitors.

As you walk through our facility you’ll come to our prep room Your meals and medicines are prepared.

We take a great deal of care to keep our facility clean even the vacuum system is designed to prevent cross-contamination.

Here are our larger Suites designed to be hygienic and comfortable with TVs, soft elevated beds with options to upgrade to premium bedding comma ceiling fans, and indoor/outdoor Run Access.

We also have smaller suites available for smaller dogs…and these are or more traditional and cost-effective classic accommodations.

We also offer Doggie Daycare with indoor/outdoor play areas, rubber flooring which is easier on joints, exteriors with non-allergenic artificial grass, and special non-climbable fencing.

If you’re looking for grooming here’s our state-of-the-art Grooming Room with non-stainless steel hydraulic grooming stations) which are good for dogs and people) and a special shower for pets who are particularly sensitive to grooming stations.

Our washing, drying, and grooming areas are all separate to keep our members and staff clean, organized, and peaceful.

Our professional staff has passed rigorous background checks and the most important thing they offer to your furry family members is love, affection, and lots of attention.

Give us a call at 609-259-1900 or visit us at 8 Sharon Road Robbinsville New Jersey

You know the only problem we had a Golden Paws Pet Resort and Spa is… well sometimes our furry family members don’t want to leave!

Still have questions? Call Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa at 609-259-1900.  We’ll be glad to answer your questions you may have about how your furry family memebr can enjouy our pet resort.

Susan Kubiak
Susan Kubiak
Sue is the operational genius behind this whole endeavor.She has many years of experience running a business and keeps the whole thing running smoothly.Her love of cats and dogs is paramount in her decisions she makes, making sure that your dog or cat gets their spa day off without a hitch.

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