Pet Hotel for Dogs: How to Find Five Star Accommodations for Your Pet During The Holidays

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Pet Hotel for Dogs: How to Find Five Star Accommodations for Your Pet During The Holidays

Pet Hotels – Now Rivaling People Hotels

pet hotel - goldenpawspetresort.comCompared to just a decade ago, pet owners have an easier time when choosing where their pet will stay while they’re away on vacation, and especially when they want to get the best and most comfortable pet hotel for their pets.

Today, there are more pet hotels and pet resorts for them to choose from than ever before. They can even personalize their dogs’ preferences at the pet resort to ensure their pets get a service that rivals what they themselves get while vacationing. As the holidays approach, we have a few tips and ideas that you, as a pet owner, will find invaluable in finding five-star pet accommodations this season.

Pet Hotel Tip 1: Make your plans well in advance of the holidays

The biggest secret to finding the best pet resort or hotel for your furry friend is making his or her holiday plans well in advance to find the right accommodation in good time. Many people begin planning for their holidays months ahead. As a pet owner, you must begin looking for the right pet hotel for the canine or feline family member at around the same time and reserve your pet’s spot early.

We recommend that you begin the search for the ideal pet hotel online, and learn as much as you can about how these hotels operate, what is expected of you and your pet.

Visit the prospective facility’s website to find out what they promise and check out the reviews to discover what past clients have to say about them.

We’re glad to help you start your research by viewing our Five star Facebook reviews.

Pet Hotel Tip 2: Ask the Right Questions & Take a Tour

The most important part of finding the ideal accommodation for your furry family member is asking the right questions.

With so many pet resorts and care centers available today, it is very important that you make the right choice, and this is dependent on how much you know about what your pet wants and what the hotel can offer. Pet care centers offer a wide variety of options and you want to find one that offers the activities your pet enjoys.

Once you have narrowed down your search to two or three pet hotels, you can pay them a visit to see the kind of equipment and space they have available for the pets and to find out the specific details about their pet care practices, personnel, and ‘style’.

Some vital questions you should get answers to include:

  • How does the staff interact with dogs?
  • What basic services are offered? Are there any upgrade options available and if so, what?
  • How does the facility handle emergencies?
  • What health and safety policies are in place?
  • How does the facility care for older dogs and dogs with special requirements?

Pet Hotel Tip 3: Prepare your pet for their stay

The best pet hotel or pet resort you can find is essentially a facility with a team of experienced professionals who take good care of the pet guests. These professionals understand that each pet is unique and will treat your pet as an individual. If you are planning a long trip, consider sending your pet for a day of daycare or a one-night stay first to get them accustomed to the pet resort and its caregivers.

When you are preparing to go on vacation, dedicate some time to researching and finding the right pet hotel; picking the right place for your pets to stay while you are off having fun can give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy your trip.

Interested in a “see it for yourself” visit?  Give us a call at 609-259-1900.  We’ll be glad to give you a tour, answer your questions and let you view our new, 5-star pet hotel.

Dana Kubiak
Dana Kubiak
Dana Kubiak is the founder and one of the owners of Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa LLC. In 2012 Dana began to realize the need for a world-class pet resort in Robbinsville where owners could leave their furry family members and have confidence in the quality of care they receive.Dana began researching the pet care industry, developing a solid business plan and planning a state-of-the art facility. Golden Paws Pet Resort is the realization of those plans. Dana has an associate’s degree in Biology from Mercer County Community College.With 4 years of training working at a veterinary hospital, and another two years working at other pet care facilities; she is the dog guru of this facility. She lives with her two dogs Skylee (Golden Retriever) and Shadow (Golden Retriever Mix).

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