How Dog Spas Can Get You Your Hearts Desire

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October 19, 2016
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How Dog Spas Can Get You Your Hearts Desire

Dog Spa – A Place To Make Your Pet Happy

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Put a smile on your dogs face with a dog spa day!

Every dog owner secretly wishes their pet to be happy. This is almost instinctive. Given the incredible amount of joy our dogs often give us, it is just natural for us to want to return the favor.

If you are the typical pet owner, you try your best to make your dog(s) happy. You figure out what their favorite treats are, and you occasionally lavish them. You also try to avoid placing them in situations which make them uncomfortable. Basically, you do your utmost to please your dog.

Also, if you are a typical pet owner, you may wonder: “can I do more?” You get this nagging feeling that you may not be doing quite enough. However, you’re not sure what more you can do.

Well, here’s an idea which most pet owners seldom consider. That is treating their dog to a relaxing session in a dog spa.

Here’s some tips on how to prepare your dog for doggie day care.

Dog Spa – Three Reasons To treat Your Dog

A dog spa is an ideal way to lavish your dog with love and affection. This is because a dog spa offers them an opportunity to savor the good life – from a dog’s perspective. A dog spa is a great way to offer your dog a treat for three reasons.

First of all, it offers your dog an opportunity to get pampered. Yes, dogs do love a good pampering. And there is nothing more delightful to a dog than being treated to the goodies of a dog’s life.

What does this pampering involve? Well, dogs can get cleaned, groomed and showered with attention. Anyone who has been around dogs knows how much they love attention! At a spa, they receive lots of it. Dog spas also typically have soft dog couches; air conditioning and even dog-friendly TV. And, of course, they can savor some delicious dog treats. Basically, they enjoy a doggie style good time.

The second thing spas offer is an opportunity for dogs to socialize. Dogs are instinctively pack animals. They enjoy playing, mingling and socializing with other dogs. Dog spas know this. As such, they offer numerous opportunities for dogs to socialize – in a safe and dog-friendly environment.

The interaction with other dogs is actually great for the overall mental state of a dog. This is especially true for single dogs in a home. Basically, if you have only one dog, you need to occasionally offer it the chance to meet other dogs. One of the safest ways you do this is at a dog spa.

The final reason is relaxation. We have all seen how dogs enjoy a good nap. Often, after running around the house or enjoying a delicious meal, the dog lies down for some naptime. In such moments, all it wants to do enjoy a nice snooze, and maybe dream some doggy dreams.

Dog spas offer opportunities for this as well. They structure their activities such that, in-between playtimes or meals, dogs can enjoy some quiet time to rest and relax, or even enjoy a slumber.

Dog Spa – Show Your Love and Affection

In a nutshell, a dog spa can enable your dog to enjoy the moment of its life. And if your heart’s desire is to shower your dog with love, affection, and a whole lot of pampering, then a spa can enable you to do just that. Ultimately a dog spa can satisfy not just your dog’s heart’s desire, but yours as well.

Have questions about what a dog spa can do for your furry family member?  Give us a call at 609-259-1900.  We’ll be glad to arrange a tour, answer your questions and fill you in on how can get you your heart’s desire at our dog spa.


Susan Kubiak
Susan Kubiak
Sue is the operational genius behind this whole endeavor.She has many years of experience running a business and keeps the whole thing running smoothly.Her love of cats and dogs is paramount in her decisions she makes, making sure that your dog or cat gets their spa day off without a hitch.

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