Doggie Daycare


Doggie daycare is available if you need to get away for the day, whether it be work or play. If  your dog gets bored and/or lonely during your absence or maybe he’s just very destructive at home, then doggie daycare is for YOU!

No more leaving your dog in a crate or sad puppy dog eyes and lonely looks on your way out the door. You can be at ease knowing that your dogs needs are being taken care of while you are away.

Here at Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa, we offer a supervised, safe, enjoyable and loving day of play for your furry friends of all  ages & sizes. Daycare is a great way for your pet to get physical exercise, build confidence, get mental stimulation, and learn  socialization skills with other dogs in an unleashed setting.  Dogs will be provided with toys and games to keep them active.

DOGGIE DAYCARE – The Benefits of Group Play

Experts agree that group play is beneficial to dogs for many reasons, including:

  • Most dogs don’t get enough exercise. A dog that isn’t properly exercised can become overweight and may engage in such annoying behaviors, such as excessive barking, digging, and chewing, also Dogs who aren’t properly exercised are over-reactive and difficult to control.  – Dogs with behavioral issues, such as excessive chewing or digging, burn more energy during pack play, which means a calmer dog for you at home.

  • The stimulation of being around other dogs satisfies their needs for mental alertness and natural curiousity.

  • Just like people, dogs get bored. Bored dogs often find ways to entertain themselves that we might not approve of; like pestering the cat, stealing the kids’ toys, making garbage sculptures on the kitchen floor.

Doggie daycare provides your dog with the mental stimulation he needs to keep out of trouble. If your dog tends to get anxious when he’s alone, the stimulation at doggie daycare will distract him from missing you and all of the destruction that goes along with it.

DOGGIE DAYCARE – Not All Dogs Like It

HOWEVER – Not all dogs are appropriate daycare candidates. Just because  they are a social species doesn’t mean all dogs get along with each other. Humans are a social species and we certainly do not all get along!

That’s why it’s important that we honestly evaluate your dog’s personality and behavior to determine if he has the potential to do well at daycare.
If he plays well with others, is comfortable and confident in public, and doesn’t mind being separated from you, then daycare may be a good fit.

If your dog doesn’t enjoy interacting with other dogs, he’ll likely find daycare a very unpleasant experience, and his dislike of dogs will probably get worse. If any of those are questionable, we will decide.

We have 2 large indoor/outdoor play yards, that can also be made into 4 smaller yards. Rubber flooring in the indoor yards (for the comfort & safety of their joints & paws)and quality K9 grass for the outdoor yards.

There is also 6′ high fences around the outdoor yards (and precautions  taken so they can not dig under the fence) for their safety. All yards supplied with play equipment, toys, and an unlimited amount of fresh clean water.

Outdoor yards also have shaded areas and doggie pools to play in when it’s hot out.

DOGGIE DAYCARE – Assessment and Testing

Our professional staff are trained in dog behavior and dog body language. They will play with your pets and do basic training. On occasion, there will be special doggie related activities.

All dogs go through a detailed temperament testing process and groups are divided by the size of dog and style of play. Daycare helps the dog learn manners with both people and other dogs while providing exercise for dogs that otherwise would be at home alone all day.

In between playing with their friends, our guests will enjoy having rest periods, lunch and lots of snacks before getting ready to enjoy playtime again.

We want to make sure that all of our dogs enter a safe and happy environment. That being said, we require all pups to be currently vaccinated and neutered/spayed at the age of six months. After a day of playing with friends and socializing, your pet will leave happy and exhausted.

All playgrounds yards have video surveillance for added safety of your pet.