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Dog Daycare – The Unconventional Guide To Preparing Your Dog For Daycare

dog daycare guidelines - goldenpawspetresort.comDog Daycare – A Popular (and growing) Trend

Dog daycare has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. It is a place that your pet can go to have fun during the day and not be left at home alone. For certain dog owners, this is the only option to keep a high energy pet from destroying their house while they are gone. While for others, it is just a way to let their dog exercise and move outside to rejuvenate himself during the long hours that they are away.

However, dog daycare is much more than dog sitting. It is also a wonderful socialization experience for your dog – especially if he/she does not get too many opportunities to be around other people and dogs. Also, you get peace of mind knowing that your pet is healthy, happy and in the care of professionals during the day.

The dog daycare process however, includes things that happen before, during and after dog daycare.

Dog Daycare – Before The Dropoff

Take some time to discover if your dog is suited for daycare. Dog daycare may not be a good option for certain types of dogs. Some dogs are just not comfortable spending time in a group of unfamiliar dogs.

All dogs have different personalities – some are extroverts and love being in big groups of their canine friends, while other dogs are more reserved and don’t have fun in a large group of dogs. In addition to this, younger dogs get more nervous and apprehensive as compared to older dogs that are set in their own ways.

One of the benefits to sending your pet to dog daycare is the chance for socialization that comes with it. To ensure that your dog does not get upset when he comes across new dogs, a refresher course in pet socialization training may be helpful before dog daycare.

Dog Daycare – During the Daycare Session

When dogs play together in the daycare, they jump on each other and unintentionally scratch each other. Dogs also engage in mouthing, nipping and play biting when at play.  This is not aggressive but some dogs can play too hard.  If a dog is playing too hard for their partner, the partner will yelp.  Most dogs soften their play when they hear this type of complaint.

Also, with the diversity of unique personalities – some dogs may not enjoy socialization. This can be due to the fear of other pets or they may fear aggression. To make things better, find a daycare that offers options for more sensitive dogs. This way your pet can have access to the quiet and peace of his own room for an adjustment period until he finds himself more comfortable with his surroundings.

Dogs who just do not like socialization can be still involved in other exercises.  Also, play breaks must be incorporated in their schedule as many dogs will not stop until they are exhausted.

Dog Daycare – After the Daycare Session

Your dog may spend many hours in the daycare, and you can expect him to come home exhausted.  Since a dog daycare involves a lot of activities- free play time, scheduled quiet time, feeding and treat time, it sets a stimulating routine for your pet. Sometimes he may come home, eat and just doze off. Your dog’s stamina and overall health will improve since the regular daily activities at the dog daycare will build a new routine for your dog.

Dog daycare is certainly a wonderful socialization method, a good release for high energy pets, and just a lot of fun for shy and young dogs. Review this guide when you select dog daycare and prepare your pet to enjoy a wonderful social experience – your furry family member will certainly be satisfied and thank you for it!

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 609-259-1900.  We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about your dog and dog daycare.

Susan Kubiak
Susan Kubiak
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