Cat Care: 5 Misconceptions About Cat Care That Owners Should Know

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November 9, 2016
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Cat Care: 5 Misconceptions About Cat Care That Owners Should Know

Cat Care while traveling -

cat care - goldenpawspetresort.comCat Care – Sometimes a Quandry

People who have kitties in their family are uncertain of how best to care for them when they have to travel and they cannot take their feline family members with them.

The best options cat owners have are hiring a professional cat sitter (very expensive) or letting a professional cat boarding facility take care of their feline family member.

Many people mistakenly assume that a cat can be left alone for days to fend for themselves, provided they are left with lots of food, water, and litter boxes, they fail to realize that cats get lonely and even worried when no one is home.

Here are a couple of other common misconceptions about cats and cat care that every cat owner should know.

Cat Care Myth 1: Cats like to be alone

Cats may not be as social or as playful as dogs, but this should not be interpreted to mean they prefer being alone.

Cats have adapted to being a part of a family and they benefit from the physical and emotional stimulation that family interaction provides. As such, cats should not be left alone for extended periods of time because they can suffer from loneliness and even stress.

Cat Care Myth 2: Cats always land on their feet

Perhaps the most common myth is that cats always land on their feet when dropped from whatever height. This is not true.

While cats have the capacity to flatten their bodies and turn mid-air to prepare for landing when dropped from great heights, at low heights they may not have enough time or space to do so and can get seriously injured.

Cat Care Myth 3: Cats are too independent to be trained

It is true that cats domesticated humans, but it is not true to assume that they are too independent to be trained.

Although training a cat is different from training a dog, with patience and skill, family members can train cats to learn new behaviors and to understand basic instructions and schedules.

Cat Care Myth 4: Cats have 9 lives

The myth that a cat has nine lives stems from a superstition founded on the tenacity of feline survival. The truth is that cats have only one life, just like every other living thing.

To ensure your cat lives a long, healthy life it is important to ensure good cat care that includes proper diet and exercise, regular vet visits, and a safe environment.

Cat Care Myth 5: Raw tuna and fish is good for cats

To a cat, a raw tuna is a delicious treat that excites its feline instincts and taste buds. However, it is only good as an occasional snack and not recommended for a cat’s regular diet.

Feeding your cat raw fish regularly could lead to serious health problems including indigestion, malnutrition, and diseases.

Cat Care –  Easier than other pets, but still requires diligence

Every cat owner should understand that while it is easy to take care of a cat, it is not a super-pet that can thrive on its own or fend for itself even when it is left with plenty of food and water.

If you have to be away for longer than a day and have no one to care for your cat, we recommended that you check it into a cat boarding facility.  Your cat will enjoy the services of human servants and the company of fellow cats.

Come see our specially designed cat lodging within Golden Paws Pet Resort.  We’ll be glad to show you around and discuss how our spacious multi-level Cat Condos provide superior cat care.

Dana Kubiak
Dana Kubiak
Dana Kubiak is the founder and one of the owners of Golden Paws Pet Resort & Spa LLC. In 2012 Dana began to realize the need for a world-class pet resort in Robbinsville where owners could leave their furry family members and have confidence in the quality of care they receive.Dana began researching the pet care industry, developing a solid business plan and planning a state-of-the art facility. Golden Paws Pet Resort is the realization of those plans. Dana has an associate’s degree in Biology from Mercer County Community College.With 4 years of training working at a veterinary hospital, and another two years working at other pet care facilities; she is the dog guru of this facility. She lives with her two dogs Skylee (Golden Retriever) and Shadow (Golden Retriever Mix).

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